What is RiddleDrops?

RiddleDrops is a brand new and interactive approach to the NFT world. We want to build a community that enjoys puzzling, challenging and helping each other or just hanging out together.

Our first NFT collection of 10946, called Quest Chests, will be using ERC-721 standard on Ethereum Blockchain.

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About Quests

Every owner of a Quest Chests NFT will be eligible to participate in regular main quests (riddles and games).

These main quests will reward the top treasure hunters with NFTs from the most wanted collections on current secondary markets.

Every main quest will require NFT interaction on our website in different ways. The content of your Quest Chests matters!

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What is the total token supply of Quest Chests?

Quest Chests will come with 10946 unique tokens.

What are the minting costs?

One Quest Chests will be 0.05 ETH at the time of minting for public and 0.04 ETH for whitelisted member.

When does minting start?

Minting Date for Whitelisted Members: 7th of November 2021, 7pm UTC
Public minting date: 8th of November 2021, 7pm UTC

Is there a minting limit?

Yes, 10 tokens per whitelisted address and 20 tokens per transaction at public minting.

When will the reveal be?

We will reveal with the mint. No delayed reveal!

How do quests work?
Will the Dev team mint any token?

Yes, there will be 6 exclusive token minted for the Dev team. These token can not be used in any of the quests and just represent being part of the team founding RiddleDrops.
Apart from that, there will be 94 pre-minted Quest Chests that will be used for giveaway activities, cooperation and side quests.

How can I use my NFT in the quests?

This will vary every round. All NFT interaction will happen on our website. For some quests, the NFTs will be helpful, for some they will be essential. However, one NFT will always be needed to complete a main quest.

What are the winnable prizes per main quest?

The prizes are NFTs from other projects' collections, such as BAYC, Art Blocks Curated, CyberKongz, Loot, ... The prize pool will be 25 ETH minimum per main quest (check our sales roadmap).
Every round, the Dev team will select the prizes based on your suggestions. Prizes to be won will be announced with the quest start announcement. We will keep the whole process as transparent as possible.

How long will a main quest last?

This will vary but typically between 3-5 days.

Can anyone participate in the quests?

Only Quest Chest NFT holders will be able to participate in the quests. The Dev team and their relatives are not allowed to participate.

Can someone win multiple prizes with one main quest?

No. After a main quest is over, we will take the time we need to verify our fair play rules have been followed and ensure we distribute prizes to multiple individuals.

Quest Chests Sales Roadmap


Let the quests begin!

2 main quests will be held with a total prize pool of minimum 50 ETH (25 ETH per quest)

Half sold - more quests!

Additional 3 main quests will be released with a total prize pool of minimum 75 ETH (25 ETH per quest)

Oh Boy, let's get some more of these!

The next main 3 quests will be held with a total prize pool of minimum 75 ETH (25 ETH per quest)

Release the boss quests!

2 final main quests will be held and the minimum prize pool will grow by 10 ETH per quest to 70 ETH (35 ETH per quest)

RiddleDrops Roadmap



  • Quest Chests will be brought to and Rarity sniper, OpenSea confirmation checkmark
  • Quest Chests main quests will be held according to sales roadmap
  • Multiple side quests will be held for you to grab your hands on one of our pre-minted Quest Chests and other prizes!


  • Special collection released that will only be mint able for Quest Chests holders
  • Community feedback and voting rounds upon further developments


  • We'll go into a season 2 with a new collection, especially reflecting communities feedback. New riddles, more interactivity and Quest Chests holders will be able to mint for a reduced price


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